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Version: 5.7.12
Date: 2018-02-26
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Manga Zoo - Free manga reader app for android

For manga lovers

Manga Zoo is made from a manga lovers to manga lovers. It's a manga reader result of years of feedbacks and improvements since 2009 and is free.

Full material design

The design of the app is fully integrated with the google material design and is compatible with android 2.3+.

The usability is easy and the mangas are showed in different categories and sections in home screen.

Manga Zoo home screen

Covers and pagination

We offer all the mangas with their respective cover to find quickly and correct. Also, we show the last update date of the book.

We use a pagination system beacuse is more quickly than flip or continuos scroll. You can you jump to a page directly to find your manga book.

Manga Zoo books screen

Simple navigation throw pages

Swipe left or right to next or previous pages. Easy!

Press menu button to enjoy the different options: save image, share, previous or next chapter or page jump.

Swipe left or right in the start or end the chapter to jump to next or previous chapter.

Manga Zoo pages screen

All the manga details

Find here all the details of the manga: Title, author, date updated, tags, rates, likes, etc.

Use the tags buttons to browse mangas with specified tags.

Keep tracked readed chapters with our detailed chapters list. Long press to mark various chapters.

Manga Zoo manga details screen
Manga Zoo chapters screen

Cloud and notifications

Don't worry about reset or lose or reinstall the app, all the favorites are stored in our servers to synchronize in all the devices and keep when you reinstall the app.

Receive notifications when new chapters arrives of your favorites mangas. Keep updated!

Manga Zoo side menu screen

Multiple search options

Search and discover new mangas with our multiples search options. You can search by multiple tag screen allowing mix different kind of mangas.

You can use our directly search option to search with keywords. You can search if the manga begin, end o contains or by author name.

Manga Zoo tags search screen
Manga Zoo keywords search screen

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